Tax Fraud Prosecutions

If you have been served with court papers charging you with a tax crime you really need to get a tax barrister as soon as possible.

Have you have been served with court papers?

When IRD starts a tax prosecution, it will serve you with court papers, which contain the charges. The charges might be for minor matters like failing to file returns or for more serious matters like tax fraud. The sentences for tax fraud normally involve jail time over certain thresholds. The consequences are serious and you need help, not judgement. James has helped many clients through the prosecution process. 

You do have options. The first thing that I would do is get the disclosure from the IRD or Crown if they are prosecuting the case. We can then discuss your options. If IRD has enough evidence to get a conviction then the best strategy is to plead guilty early because there are sentencing discounts available. Sometimes you might like to get a sentence indication to see exactly where you stand. This can be helpful if you are on the cusp between jail time and home detention. 

Sometimes IRD has brought more charges than they can prove and we can discuss what to do in that situation. Other times you will be wanting to defend the charges. James can help with that having defended clients in tax fraud cases. Give me a call to discuss your options including different payment options.